FileAgo granted the 2018 Premium Usability Recognition for File Sharing & File Management Software by FinancesOnline

December 20, 2018

Hi đź‘‹

The team behind FileAgo is deeply humbled to receive the Premium Usability Award for 2018 from B2B and SaaS review platform FinancesOnline. This is a monumental milestone for a company that places a priority on making file management easy and secure for teams and businesses.

The Premium Usability Award was given after FileAgo passed FinancesOnline’s quality standards for UX design. Specific FileAgo features were commended in the review, including “smooth and secure collaboration” among employees, utmost security of files, and flexibility to adapt to custom requirements.

According to the FinancesOnline experts, FileAgo benefits users with increased productivity and efficiency. FileAgo makes this possible through its Groups functionality, which provides entire teams with an easily accessible independent workspace where they can procure essential files, remain up to date with file changes, and exchange files with ease. You can also set permissions and restrictions on specific information, thus making it effortless for users to ensure security of sensitive information.

Earning FinancesOnline’s high praises under their list of 15 best file sharing software systems, FileAgo’s flexibility to adapt to custom processes also earned a praise from the software experts. Through our REST API, companies can expand the software’s capabilities and tailor the platform as they see fit, stated FinancesOnline.

In recognition of FileAgo’s positive user feedback and increasing market growth in the file management software space, FinancesOnline also distinguished us as a Rising Star for 2018.

We couldn’t hope to end 2018 any better by earning a favorable review and two prestigious awards from FinancesOnline. We thank their team of software experts and all our users for keeping us motivated to deliver an efficient and secure file management software.

Thank you!