FileAgo v1.4.0 released

December 8, 2019

FileAgo v1.4.0 has been released. Some of the major features in this new release are mentioned below:

FileAgo WebDrive (WebDAV) implementation

FileAgo users can now mount their home directory as a local drive in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X via WebDAV protocol. The component is internally called as WebDrive. The user has to create a WebDrive endpoint from his user profile, and then it is possible to mount the endpoint URL as a local drive, and add/update files using the OS’s file explorer.

Group admin can also export a group’s home directory in a similar manner.

FileAgo’s in-built file and folder permission model applies by default when a user tries to access any data through WebDrive endpoint URL. Hence, this may very well be the world’s most secure WebDAV-based file storage technology out there!

Send custom message in email while creating pubic shares

It is now possible to send a custom message when creating public share, and this message is included in the email sent to the target email address.

Many minor bugs have been fixed in this release as well.