From email attachments to a file sharing solution.

Industry: Healthcare

Client: P.D Hinduja Hospital & Research Centre
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


FileAgo proved to be the ideal file sharing solution for Hinduja Hospital. Hosted on-premise, FileAgo allows users to share and collaborate on important documents without having to send them by email.

Established in the early 1950’s, Hinduja Hospital delivers quality healthcare as an ultramodern tertiary care hospital in Mumbai and also leads the pathway to medical excellence with world-class healthcare treatments and services.


Hinduja Hospital followed the traditional approach of sharing files - via email attachments. This was working well for them for a long time. In recent times, as the size of the files grew, it became more and more difficult to successfully send files via email.

Often times, the files would be revised and sent again, so the users ended up with several similar copies of the same file in their Inbox, and it was difficult to locate the right version when required.

Also, the files were mostly sensitive and critical to their business, so an on-premise file sharing solution like FileAgo made more sense than sharing data via a third-party platform on cloud.


FileAgo offers both Cloud (SaaS) as well as Self-hosted (On-premise) setups depending on the requirements of the customer.

For Hinduja Hospital, FileAgo application runs in an on-premise server which is only accessible to selected users of the organisation. Instead of file sharing via email, the users now upload and share data from FileAgo.


A centralised file sharing software made it a lot more easier for users to locate the files when necessary. Instead of spending time searching thousands of emails and then going through many individual emails from the search results to find the correct email attachment, users simply log into FileAgo Web Portal where all files shared with him is visible.

The overall load on the mail server also reduced drastically, since the size of the emails reduced from MBs to KBs.

Thanks to FileAgo’s powerful logging mechanism, the management and IT department is now able to track user actions. They could easily know when a user had last accessed or downloaded an important document.

FileAgo displays all versions of the file under a single file name which makes it easier to view the state of the document at a previous date or time, compared to searching for each file version in a user’s Inbox.


Using FileAgo, users are now able to find the right documents in quick time and act accordingly. The management and IT are able to track individual user activities in the shared documents, which was not possible to do earlier.

FileAgo’s simplicity and ease-of-use coupled with its powerful security and advanced logging features enabled Hinduja Hospital to implement stricter file sharing guidelines in the organisation, and move away from the practise of sending important files via email attachments.

“Having evaluated many file sharing softwares for our need, I can confidently say that FileAgo is the best by a mile!”
Suryakant Jadhav
Assistant Manager, IT

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