FileAgo WebDrive

Mount and access FileAgo data as a network drive.

FileAgo's built-in WebDAV compatible service

WebDrive is a built-in WebDAV compatible service of FileAgo Application Server using which the users can access their files and folders without having to browse the Web Portal.

Thanks to the WebDrive, it is possible to mount the contents of a workspace (both Personal, as well as a Group Workspace) as a network drive in your system. WebDrive works fine on all major OS platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and do not require any additional software to access the network drive.

All permissions and access granted on a file or folder from the Web Portal still applies when a user tries to access it from the WebDrive.

Network drive

Access data stored in FileAgo directly as a network drive in your machine.

Works in all OS

Compatible with all modern versions of Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Additional Storage

Acts as an extended storage medium for your machine.

Application Server

a high-performance server written in Erlang.

Web Portal

front-end web portal for users and administrators.

FileAgo WebDrive

mount and access FileAgo data as a network drive.