Managing devices

3. Admin Guide

FileAgo v1.0 Created on: July 20, 2019

It is possible to sync local folders with FileAgo using FileAgo Sync Application. This agent quietly runs in the background in a user’s computer and syncs any change that happen in the local folders to the FileAgo server.

In order to setup the FileAgo Sync Application, a device token needs to be generated first.

An administrator can create device from Admin Panel -> Devices -> Add.

In the popup, simply type in a name to identify the device, and then select the user from the list, and click on Create.

A device token is generated and shown on your screen. This has to be noted down and passed on to the user to configure the FileAgo Sync Application running in the user’s machine.

NOTE: Device token is a secret token. It should never be shared with anyone else. Gaining access to device token means gaining access to the entire data which that user owns. If you feel that a device token has been compromised, delete it as soon as possible and generate a new one.