1. Setup

FileAgo v1.0 Created on: October 18, 2018

For a quick setup (with an intention to try out FileAgo), the following requirements should suffice:

  1. Linux Operating System
  2. Latest version of Docker
  3. Git client
  4. 4 GB RAM
  5. 2 cores
  6. Atleast 50 GB disk space available

FileAgo in production

The recommended configuration to run FileAgo in production is listed below:

  1. Linux (preferably CentOS 7.x)
  2. Docker
  3. Git client
  4. 8 GB RAM
  5. 4 cores or more
  6. Atleast 200 GB of available disk space
NOTE: RAM and disk space depends upon the number of files stored in FileAgo.

FileAgo web interface works best in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.