1. Setup

FileAgo v1.0 Created on: October 19, 2018

Is FileAgo running?

The status of FileAgo services can be determined by checking whether the containers are running or not in Docker. Execute:

docker ps

The command will list all running containers. The list must show the below 3 containers as running (NOTE: container id will be different):

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                    COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                          NAMES
c852e5e79684        fileago_nginx            "/bin/sh -c '/bin/..."   2 days ago          Up 2 days           80/tcp,>443/tcp   fileago_nginx_1
8af228408cac        fileago_dms              "/sbin/tini -- /bi..."   2 days ago          Up 2 days           8080/tcp                       fileago_dms_1
971a0c6e0900        neo4j:3.2.1-enterprise   "/docker-entrypoin..."   2 days ago          Up 2 days           7473-7474/tcp, 7687/tcp        fileago_db_1

Check for error logs

Errors in fileago_dms container are output to the screen, and is accessible via:

docker logs 8af228408cac
You must replace 8af228408cac with the container id of fileago_dms container in your server.