Configuring Linux

All major Linux distros supports accessing of FileAgo WebDrive endpoint using davfs2.

davfs2 is a Linux file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server as a disk drive.

Run the following commands as root user:

Install davfs2

CentOS / RHEL:

# yum install davfs2


# apt-get install davfs2

Mount WebDrive using command-line

# mount -t davfs -o noexec,user,uid=davfs2,gid=davfs2 /mnt/

Please enter the username to authenticate with server or hit enter for none.
Please enter the password to authenticate user with server or hit enter for none.

If everything goes well, you should now see your data in /mnt/. You can confirm this using:

# ls -l /mnt/

Auto-mount during bootup

The above mount is not permanent. You will have to execute the same commands again after each reboot. In order to mount the share automatically during bootup, add the below entry to /etc/fstab file..  /mnt  davfs  _netdev,noexec,user,uid=davfs2,gid=davfs2  0  0

.. and add the mount’s credentials to file /etc/davfs2/secrets. For e.g.:

/mnt   "mystrongpassword"

That’s it! FileAgo WebDrive endpoint is now configured for use in your Linux system now.