FileAgo WebDrive is a WebDAV-compatible service that allows users to export their home folder over the WebDAV protocol.

In order to do that, the user has to create a WebDrive endpoint, which is simply a URL that can be accessed by any WebDAV client. The user is free to use any WebDAV client, or can even use the built-in WebDAV client (like in Windows or MacOS) to mount it as a network drive in the system.

Supported commands

FileAgo WebDrive supports the following WebDAV verbs:

  • COPY
  • LOCK
  • MOVE
  • GET
  • PUT

WebDAV clients

Any WebDAV client will work with FileAgo, and is enough for normal or read-heavy workloads.

However, we strongly recommend WinSCP for power users who are collaborating and always accessing and writing data through the WebDrive endpoint. Every WebDAV client behaves differently in situations (especially during updating existing files), and in our tests we have found WinSCP to be the one which follows WebDAV protocol in the most ideal way.

Also, WinSCP seems to be the only WebDAV client that allows manual locking of resources. This is helpful during collaboration because a resource which is locked by one user cannot be modified by anyone else via WebDAV unless the lock is relinquished manually by that user, or it expires after a period of time.