Using FileAgo, you can create, edit, share and collaborate on your documents as well as communicate with your peers over chat, voice and video - all this, and much more from within a single application!

Never miss a deadline again

Approaching a deadline and need help? With FileAgo, you can invite your colleagues to help you with your documents in the most secure manner. Their access will be restricted based on the permissions you give them. FileAgo's flexible permission model allows organisations to implement all kinds of restrictions at a granular level based on their requirements.

Once the task is completed, you can revoke their access after which they will not be able to view the documents you had shared with them earlier.


Collaborate on documents in real-time

FileAgo Web Portal has an inbuilt Office editor which makes it possible for multiple people to simultaneously edit and make changes on the same file.

All collaborators can see what changes the other person is making in the file, and that too, in real-time.

Do not worry about any loss of data due to mistake of a user, because any save will only create a new version of the file. You can access previous versions and recover it from the Web Portal if necessary.


Communicate with your team through chat, voice, video conference and screen sharing

FileAgo not only takes care of your files, but it also provides a platform to chat with your team members, initiate video conferences, and even collaborate by sharing your screen with them.

FileAgo ensures that your work and communication with your team is not interrupted during work-from-home or even pandemic situations.


Stay updated about changes happening in your files

FileAgo makes sure that all users having access on a file are notified whenever someone modifies it. If a user is active on FileAgo Web Portal, he will receive an instant popup alert regarding the event. In addition to that, he will also receive email notification mentioning the same.

For e.g., if you asked your colleague to edit one of your files, he does not even have to reply back to you after making the changes. FileAgo will instantly inform you about it.


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Perfect for all types of businesses

Whether you are managing a small team or SMB or an enterprise, as long as you are working on documents, FileAgo will be a perfect fit in your organisation.

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