Secure file management and collaboration software for individuals and teams.

FileAgo enables individuals and teams to securely store files and collaborate among its members.

FileAgo is a file management, file sharing, file sync and collaboration (chat, voice, video) software with strong focus on data security.

FileAgo Application Server runs inside your company premise. No data ever leaves your network.

Access your files while on the move, or when working from home and even during pandemic outbreaks.

Dec 8, 2019 : 👍 FileAgo v1.4.0 released. Introducing WebDrive - FileAgo's WebDAV compatible storage. Read more..

Your team mates will love it!

Enhance productivity of your team with FileAgo as a centralised platform to store, share, search and retrieve files.
Collaborate when working from home

The recent COVID-19 (Corona virus) pandemic has forced millions of businesses all over the world to adopt to new work styles.

Protect yourself, your family and your co-workers by following social distancing and abiding to best practises issued by your local medical authorities.

If you have started Work From Home (WFH) recently, then FileAgo on-cloud is the best solution for secure file sharing and collaboration, without affecting your daily business workflow processes. Contact us today to discuss more!

Never lose your files again

FileAgo keeps track of older versions of your files, and they can be accessed and recovered whenever required. Even after you delete files or modify them, you can still recover files and their previous versions with a few mouse-clicks.

Deleted an important file by mistake? Or did your hard drive crash? Or even worse, became target of a virus attack or randsomware? By storing your most important files in FileAgo, you can be rest assured that they are safe and secure.

Collaboration made easy

Communicate with your team members instantly through live chat, voice and video conferencing functionalities in FileAgo. So why pay for separate softwares when FileAgo can take care of your data as well as your team communication, all within a single platform?

And when it comes to sharing files, FileAgo has a very flexbile file permission model which allows you to securely share data with both people inside and outside your organisation.

Enterprise-grade security

FileAgo's security model is implemented in multiple layers. All data is transfered over the network via HTTPS, and is stored at rest (in the filesystem) using AES-256 encryption, thus ensuring that your files are protected from the prying eyes.

Users can allow or restrict other users in the organization from accessing files and folders. FileAgo implements waterfall permission model which makes it possible to further override those settings in files and folders under it.

If you have used other file management softwares and faced situations where you could never share or restrict access to data the way you wanted, then you have finally found the right solution!

Loaded with features


Files are transferred via secure HTTPS, and stored at rest using AES256 military grade encryption.

Chat and video

Communicate with team members via chat, voice, video conferencing and even share your screen.


FileAgo keeps track of all changes made to a file, thus making it easy to recover older versions if needed.


Restrict access to files and folders using flexible access control mechanisms.


Preview files of most common formats including MS Office, CAD, code, graphics and media.


All actions and events are logged and can be viewed at any time.


FileAgo v/s others

FileAgo has everything that an organization is looking for while investing in a secure file management, file sharing and collaboration software.

Try FileAgo today!

FileAgo is distributed as a Docker application for easy deployment. Simply execute the following commands on a Linux machine having docker:
        # git clone
        # cd fileago
        # docker-compose up -d

Browse https://localhost/ (or the server IP) to begin the installation.

Please read the documentation for more details on running FileAgo in production.