In order to access and store files in FileAgo, you will need a User account.

There are 2 types of user accounts in FileAgo:

  1. Normal User
  2. Admin User

Normal User

A normal user account can login to the workspace (with email address as username) and use FileAgo as per the restrictions set by the administrator. If he/she is a member of any groups, the user will also be able to access workspace of those groups, and also collaborate with other group members.

Admin User

At the time of installation, admin user is created automatically by the system. This is the global administrator account, and can be used to create further users and groups, assign disk space and so on.

The only purpose of admin user account is to make changes to the FileAgo configuration when required.

It is also possible to grant Administrator privileges for a normal user after which that user can do all tasks of the admin user.

The admin user account will not be listed anywhere (for e.g., it will not show up in your user list), and in case if for any reason the operator managing FileAgo in an organization forgets the password for other users, they can be easily reset using the admin account.

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