Configure Chat Server

FileAgo offers an in-built chat, video and voice communication for users in an organisation by integrating with If you have started the chat server (which is listed as an optional step in the installation guide), then you already have a copy of running alongside FileAgo Application Server.

The admin user (fileagoadmin) and password was set during installation as per the details in chat_settings.env file.


  • Login to as fileagoadmin user by browsing the ROOT_URL set in chat_settings.env
  • From the top left menu, click on Admin user’s display picture icon and then “My Account”
  • In the “My Account” section, go to “Personal Access Tokens” section. You will need to create an access token for FileAgo to use
  • Type in “FileAgo access token” in the textbox and click on “Add”
  • You will see a dialog box with a generated Token and user id. Note these details somewhere. We will use it to configure FileAgo
  • Logout from admin user account on page.

Configure FileAgo to integrate with

  • Login as admin user in FileAgo web portal
  • Click on “Chat Server” from the left panel on the Admin Panel section and configure the following:
  • Enable chat: Yes
  • Chat host URL: The value set in ROOT_URL of file chat_settings.env
  • Chat host URL (private): It should always be http://rocketchat:3000/rocket/
  • Admin user Id: The admin user id provided by during creation of access token
  • Access token: The access token generated by
  • Click on “Save”

FileAgo will attempt to configure the to use FileAgo authentication, and also configure some of its additional parameters. The chat is only activated if FileAgo manages to apply the required configuration successfully.

Once activated, the users can click on “Chat” option on the top menu in their workspace to access chat area, and converse with other users in the organization.

Some things to note

  • Users in is managed by FileAgo
  • When a new user logs into FileAgo, his account is automatically created in as well
  • The user details and password is synced with upon every successful login
  • FileAgo does not manage channels/groups