FileAgo v1.2.0 released

March 12, 2019

Hi 👋

We glad to announce the release of FileAgo v1.2.0. 😊 Check out the major features:

Support for Two factor authentication

FileAgo now supports TOTP based 2FA. Users can pair their accounts with Google Authenticator app, and then enter the token shows in the app during login. This enhances seurity of the accounts.

Added Active Directory/LDAP integration

FileAgo can now be configured to authenticate with an organization’s Active Directory/LDAP servers. Once configured, FileAgo will automatically create the user accounts in FileAgo which it finds in AD.

Integration with LibreOffice Online / Collabora

Users can now create new Office documents from the browser itself, as FileAgo is integrated with Collabora (CODE), introducing features like live, collaborative editing. This integration also means that FileAgo is now a WOPI host, and will in future also be made compatible with other WOPI clients (like Microsoft Office Online).

We also took this opportunity to switch from Neo4j database into the latest version of OngDB. A complete list of changes can be read here:

Thank you!