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Self-hosted plan allows you to download, install and use FileAgo in your own server.

The following instructions are applicable for users looking to self-host FileAgo in their own server (FileAgo Self-hosted), and not for cloud users (FileAgo Cloud).
  1. 1

    Satisfy requirements

    FileAgo requires CentOS 7.x and Docker environment to run. The complete list of prerequisites, and how to install them is mentioned in our documentation.
    See all prerequisites

  2. 2

    Install FileAgo

    Once the prerequisites have been satisfied, it is time to install and start FileAgo.
    How to install

  3. 3

    Purchase self-hosted yearly plan

    Sign up for yearly self-hosted plan for the number of users you have in your team.
    Purchase now

  4. 4

    Activate License

    Your license key will be available immediately in your Members Area. Apply the license key in your FileAgo server to unlock all restrictions.

  5. Enjoy FileAgo!

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