Web Portal

Front-end web portal for users and administrators.

Powered by AngularJS

FileAgo Web Portal is the front-end interface where administrators and users can login to manage FileAgo and access their files. It is a Single Page Application (SPA) powered by AngularJS, and it communicates with the REST API endpoint exposed by FileAgo Application Server in order to fetch its data.

The Web Portal mainly consists of Workspaces - where users can access their personal and group-owned files, and Admin Panel - which can only be accessed by Admin users in order to manage the FileAgo server.



Keep personal data separate from your groups

The concept with Workspaces is that a user will by default have a Personal Workspace where he/she can store own files, and if that user is part of any groups, then that user will also have access to the Group Workspace of those groups.

This helps in keeping your personal data separate (in Personal Workspace) from the data which you want to collaborate with a group of people (in Group Workspace).

Check out this video to know more about workspaces.

Application Server

a high-performance server written in Erlang.

Web Portal

front-end web portal for users and administrators.

FileAgo WebDrive

mount and access FileAgo data as a network drive.