FileAgo v1.3.0 released

August 6, 2019

FileAgo v1.3.0 has been released. Some of the major features in this new release are mentioned below:

Block level de-dupe functionality

Starting from v1.3.0, all files that you save in FileAgo are broken down into chunks (of variable sizes) and then encrypted and stored in its datastore. The datastore contains unique chunks only, thereby achieving block-level deduplication and offering tremendous disk space gains for an organization in the long run. This is in addition to the file-level deduplication support which FileAgo had from the beginning itself.

Preview and annotate CAD file format

It is now possible to preview, and annonate on AutoCAD file format (.dwg) from FileAgo web interface itself.

Support for FileAgo Sync Application

FileAgo Sync Application is a tiny desktop application which runs in Windows, and can be configured to sync your local folders with FileAgo. Utilising the new feature of block level de-dupe, the sync agent will only push/pull changed parts of a file, saving bandwidth and time.

Many minor bugs have been fixed in this release as well.