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Industry: Aviation

Client: Global Aviation
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Global Aviation prepared for an impending lockdown due to rising COVID-19 cases in the state of Maharashtra by migrating their data onto FileAgo Cloud.

Global Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1975. Since then it has come a long way and today has offices in multiple locations in India. The core business is Airline Representation (General Sales Agents) and currently it represents many airlines as its Passenger and/or Cargo GSA in India or part thereof.


It was during the first outbreak of COVID-19 wave in India when many businesses realised how unexpected challenges could seriously impact their work.

However, futuristic companies like Global Aviation prepared for the change by migrating to FileAgo’s secured cloud storage.

Foreseeing that a lockdown, when declared by the government, would force its employees to work from home after which accessing and sharing important corporate data could become a challenge, Global Aviation started evaluating FileAgo to replace their existing on-premise traditional file server.


After initial discussions, a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) was arranged for Global Aviation. During POC, all major features of FileAgo were tested by a group of selected users who reported positive feedback to the management.

And finally, entire data from the existing file server was migrated to FileAgo Cloud during weekend. Remaining users were given training on how to use FileAgo in the following week, and since then they have been using WinSCP (a WebDAV client) to access their data on FileAgo Cloud.


Migrating to FileAgo has tremendously increased the security of the data. Earlier, some users had access to entire path on the file server and the company found it difficult to manage and keep track of the groups, permissions, roles etc.

The FileAgo support team worked closely with Global Aviation’s IT department in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform. With FileAgo, file and folder access control is now much easier and flexible than before. Users are now only able to access the content which they are allowed to, and nothing more.


Users can now securely access their data from anywhere, which was not possible earlier due to usage of a traditional file server. The corporate data is safer than before, and the adoption of FileAgo has positively affected the overall productivity of its workforce.

“FileAgo is very easy to use and has good security features. Our decision to migrate from traditional file server and embrace the work-from-anywhere concept with FileAgo has proven to be a handy solution for us in the lockdown situation.”
Balram Gudi
Sr. Manager, IT

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